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0:27 I fell in love with this song. It's really fantastic, I must say. The beat is chill and the song as a whole blew me away. At 1:07, this part gave me chills. Possibly, when that synth comes in, give it a little bit of longer reverb. The delay is fine, just like a medium reverb so it fades and lingers a little bit. This song, though-- it's spot on. Chiptune just the way I like it. Wonderful work!

Andersson187 responds:

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate the feedback. I will keep the reverb thing in mind for my future songs! Thanks for taking your time to write this review.

How come i'm just now hearing this song...? Amazing! The piano is absurd...so good! The bass drop is beautiful. This song is simply gorgeous.

Lone-X responds:

Ha! Thanks for the kind review! :-)

Peace and love,
Lone X

Why do I like this song so much...? You had me at "butt naked..." Nah, I'm joking lol. But I love the beat. CruelTool did well with that. A nice beat and mix.
....but with those lyrics. Why did I like it, was it just that cool?
I don't know. But you all did well with this.

I LOVE your synth choice for the lead melody in the beginning and leading into the song. I think the drums could benefit from being a bit stronger. BUT at 0:53 by the time that other synth came in, I have to admit I was loving the song. The way it flows from left to right speakers/headphones puts me in a sort of a trance. At 1:44, when that piano came in...heaven. Amazing mastering settings on that piano. It serves as a great touch for the rest of the song. The strings and the piano used to end out the song gave me chills. I'm imagining a part in this song where a different melody comes in with a nice pad in the background, I think another part like that to this song would benefit it a lot. This is a really chill song that I just had to download. I was just so sad it ended. Wonderful, wonderful work here.

carl565 responds:

Pure inspiration. Reviews like yours is what makes me so happy to produce free music for the benefit of others to hear. I was really skeptical when it came to adding in the piano, and even more with the strings! To be honest, it really seemed to me like adding in those two made the direction of the song change a little too much. But I knew that I had something great when I ended the song with the two playing side by side. Just a side note, the piano literally took me 30 seconds to master because I use a lot of default presets. The synth at 0:53 is my favorite part of the whole song, haha.

In thinking of how long the song is, before I added in the piano and strings, the song was only 2:30. I completely redid the song progression after creating those two instruments, and I've got to say, I'm glad with the outcome. Thanks for listening, and it's awesome that this song was worth a download to you.

0:32 was when this song started getting pretty tight. I'm not sure how I feel about the screamo sounding synth, but the scratches and breaks starting at around 1:08 are pretty cool. The rapper needs to go hard with this one, lol. The beat is a tad bit weak, but not unbearable. It's actually pretty good. I liked this.

djdropshot responds:

thanks for your input and trust me he goes hard haha and ill probably tone the scream down a bit. greatly appreciated. and if you have time please check out my other beat "under the doombad" i think i did a better job with that and any reviews are helpful

When that piano hit, I got really, really interested. This is golden. I love it. Hands down.

That nightlife though. :D Nice work here, I have to agree out of all of your songs this is my favorite. Actually, no. We are the World was pretty sweet too. And year 2015 (i'm still thinking of lyrics for that one) is nice too. But this one was hot too.

Super secret agents!! haha I like this song. transitions can be smoother, definitely, but i'm liking the concept of this song a lot. The synths and the bass are hard and BEAUTIFUL.

Demonicity responds:

well i didn't really use much time to this song and it isn't completed fully yet :DD

Simply gorgeous.

TheBiocide responds:

Much appreciated, my friend!

That synth at 0:59 sounded sooo sick. Like literally, it sounded like it was crying for help or something, haha it was so cool. I'm really liking this track. The hard piano chords work nicely with the beat and everything, although I think its a teeny bit too loud, it works. It's not so loud that it overpowers everything, but it still nicely blended with the other instruments. Some song variation and beat changes would work so nicely, i'm thinking. This was a really cool track, I liked it a lot. :)

Lone-X responds:

I really, really loved this review! Thank you so much!

Peace and love,
Lone X

I make music so I can listen to it. Sharing it isn't all that bad, either. :P

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