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Pretty damn cool if you ask me! It's a good skeleton for an awesome dubstep song!! Ahh I'm glad you're posting some stuff, you're always reviewing my things and it's so wonderful. I'm thinking of all the cool synths and sounds that could go with this...the possibilities are endless! Don't think I forgot about our much needed collab!

bdog705 responds:

hey if you want the sytrus patches or some stems to goof off with just pm me about it ;p
im probably not going to go anywhere with it soon anyway

This is pretty damn good. You know I have to like that piano in the back lol.

PinkScissorsMedia responds:

Thank you for your time, SG!

I'm am extremely impressed....

Demonicity responds:

thank you :)

I gave you five stars before even getting past the 10 second mark. I'm not gonna comment on the bass' frequencies cause my headphone are shit and don't pick up the lower frequencies that much. You would do well turning down the highest frequency levels just a tad. It's not hindering at all but it could help. I was expecting some hard hard drum kicks after the build up...so I was a tad disappointed but the synth fx made up for it somewhat. I love the glitch FX and the chopped up vocals fit sooooo nicely I was so happy.

The stereo fx on that synth in the beginning is what drew me in to begin with, and it was perfect. I do enjoy the volume automations. They are very nicely done, I think a strong bass kick would tie everything together perfectly. Overall, lovely job!

VoltSpeedGames responds:

Woah!!! I will take that into consideration, I do have some sausage kicks Kappa

When the piano came in, I had to write something lol. First off, I love that synth! The FM-ish sounding synth was so cute and relaxing in a way. I had to get used to that drum pattern with the synth, but it actually fits. It has a hint of 80's groove to it, like a Euro Rock band could sing to this. I love a good piano chord progression when I hear one, and if you recorded it yourself, good work! It fits really nicely and I love it so much.

I definitely know how you feel when it comes to getting stuck. If you saw my page, you'd see like half of my songs were never finished because I'm stuck or something. Either way, I know its ANNOYING! One way I try to get over the "bleh-block" is experimenting with different drum patterns. Try that DnB pattern like the guy below me talked about. Then try a dance-like pattern. Oooooor try any other type beat pattern that interests you. Sometimes I just have the song on a loop and just use my DAW's built-in musical keyboard and just play around and improvise until I find something I like. Do the same with different random instruments and just play around. As soon as it stops being fun, stop and take a break, hum to yourself and come back and try again. I know I sound so stupid...but it really works!

Either way, so far I like the vibe of this song. :3

Surkol responds:

Nice review! Thanks I really appreciate this. I think I'm getting better at making music but I'm still light years away from some people. I felt like I was stuck with this drumloop sample on this song and couldn't replace it with anything, since I'm too bad to make my own. Yea I made the chords and used the Amber-Ambient on TruePianos. The process was something like: Started out with the chords. Then alt-a to arpeggiate the chords and put that on the synth (since I knew I would use most of the same notes anyway, same scale) and changed some notes to make it more interesting. But the most time was probably spent finding the right chords and sound. ヽ(*⌒∇^)ノ

Ghaah I always get stuck. I can't make anything longer than like 1:30. To be honest I don't even know if it sounds good when I've listened to something 50 times. And It's even harder to continue on it after I take that break. ε- ( ̄、 ̄A) フゥー

Thanks for the review. I'll maybe try something out.. or just make something new instead
(= ̄∇ ̄=) ニィ

Your songs remind me of a jigsaw puzzle. This one became really interesting when you added the guitar. It's very nice with the cute square synth. I like it a lot, I'm glad I follow you on here.

Math368 responds:

Thank you, Im glad we've connected.

Well damn. You just made me a happy girl lol. It's rare that I hear some good rapping on this site...but you're pretty spot on with this one. You have a unique and dazzling flow. You sound more of an intellectual rapper, and I LOVE that so much.

B-RadGfromOV responds:

Thanks for the kind words Goddess!

This song isn't as repetitive as you think. You may have used the same melody a lot in the song, but the accompanying instruments were constantly changing, so it didn't make the song that repetitive. You have lovely reverb and delay in various places, especially at the end. At 1:13, the song really took on a classic video game feel. You did very nice transitions at 1:13 and 2:08. This song is quite all over the place, but it's great because I can totally see this in a video game. I really like it!

jjoon responds:

WOW ReaLLY? tHANKS SynthGoddess!!!!!!!!111!!

I'm in love with the pads in this song. So so very amazing. 1:24 is just breathtaking- I love how every single instrument has an important and beautiful role in this song. In the chorus, if the pad synth isn't a preset/sample, turn down the attack just a little bit because it sounded like it was milliseconds off from the beat in some places. Its not distracting or offputting at all, though. This is amazing, I shall now favorite this song >.>

sYrge responds:

I really appreciate your feedback! The chords aren't a preset, they're just some detuned saws with attack. The attack part it kind of my way of sidechaining the chords, so I'll work on fixing the attack envelope.
Thanks :)

This is pretty damn good. Instead of 16 measures for the beginning, I think you would fare with just having 8. I'm not gonna bother taking mastering into consideration, I'm sure it'll be fixed. 1:16, for the record, was so cool! I like the instrument choices for this, it's very 8-bit like, but not too much to where it would be considered straight chiptune. :)

Make sure you strengthen the bass and kick for the song when you master it-- I want my subwoofer going crazy!!

Nice job, overall! I think you should release it.

TeraVex responds:

Thank you! I've finished buffing up that kick. It is pretty hype now! Thanks for the review!

I make music so I can listen to it. Sharing it isn't all that bad, either. :P

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