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Nice melody at :20. It has a nice beat to it too... 0:55 is really nice I love the stuttering vocals in the background. Lovely. Had me moving, too! Cant wait to hear more from you!

Wouldn't see this as full blown olskool. It has a very unique beat that I like, but I wouldn't say this is fully hip-hop. The beat also could be a little stronger, the kick especially. A main characteristic of hip-hop is its strong, distinctive bass and kick, some percussion in there also to accompany it. A stronger, harder synth would've worked nicely in this too. It's not bad though, I actually kinda like it. Keep it up!

kenhandra responds:

Thank you I'll try to work on that on my future projects.

That synth at 0:14! I'm addicted already! NO, but seriously. Everything seemed just right in this song. The kick at 1:20 I can see being a stronger. That would benefit that section of the song a lot, I think. But i'm truly in love with this. Amazing work. You've got some major talent.

I don't know what she's saying when there are all of the high-pitched "aahs" going from left to right. I really like the instrumental, though. The only part im iffy about is the beginning. The vocals and the other high/low octave "aahs", like I said, make it hard for me to understand her. kinda clash together and it gets a weeee bit confusing. It's not horrible though. This is actually pretty nice. At 3:02, though, I got a bit of chills, i'm being honest. That vocal lead in was great! This song, overall has its good and iffy parts...overall, though, it's pretty solid. Keep it up!

DRadDaDanDawg responds:

Thanks a lot man! I was going for using the vocals as more of an instrument than vocals, and I did make this right before I got studio monitors, so hopefully some of the mastering stuff stays with this song

and apparently my next song (WIP) is already giving chills so keep those eyes open haha

The beginning synth raped my ears (in a very good way). I love how lush and deep it was. I can see another octave of the piano part benefiting this a lot. The beat can be louder and stronger, and the bass I can see doing well if it jumped a few octaves spontaneously. I can't really describe it...but it's fantastic the way it is now. Nice work!

FirewallParadox responds:

Thank you so much for the review! Great suggestions. I'll definitely take those into account in the future. I'm glad you liked it so much! :D

I DIED laughing when I saw the title. This song though, I can see a beach, but hitler.....you need some dark, horrifying synths just popping up outta the blue for me to see hitler. It's really chill, I love the lush sounding lo-fi piano and the pads used for this. That title just made it that much harder to make me take this song seriously. but don't change the name. XD
Loving it.

DFerociousbeast responds:

Lol, thanks a lot man! ;D it means a lot when I read compliments like that

Okay, yeah, i'm only 8 years late. But that's okay! Better late than never to tell you that I am in LOVE with this song.

Alright, I can get with this. I think the piano in the beginning can use a tone down on the velocity. And the build up from that synth lead until :45 can be turned down too. Maybe progressively increasing its volume until it stops? :45 onward is where I get really interested. The melody is fantastic, simply gorgeous! You have potential at this genre, just keep making more songs like this over and over. You'll learn a lot. But overall, I enjoyed this. This is pretty nice.

Lethal-Input responds:

Thanks for the review; really good feedback! I'll go back into FL to edit those things about it to see how it turns out.

Whoa now, everything in this song is solid. It's fantastic, mastering, synth choice, timing, transitions, flow, everything! It's simply amazing, wonderful, wonderful work here! I got chills from this, just to let you know.

johnfn responds:

Thanks dude! Yeah not gonna lie, I was pretty darn happy with how this one fitted together so nicely. Glad you liked it too! :D

I was NOT expecting that beat to come in. It's so unique and fresh. The kick is a bit soft, I think loudening it up a bit would work fine. But wow that was fantastic, I really cant wait to hear the final product.

PrettyboyZ responds:

Haha, thanks man, i will work on it.

Thanks for the review!

I make music so I can listen to it. Sharing it isn't all that bad, either. :P

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