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Lol! Wow! This is so freaking nice!! Who is that on the vocals, is that you???
I was not expecting that voice after hearing Miku sing "Thank you for the meal" like 10 times. Wow.
1:49 is fantastic!! I've always loved your chord progressions. I didn't know you used vocaloid. For some odd reason, I'm favoriting this. Immediately. The smooth, gliding bass that starts at 0:56 is flawless. That light synth in the background that is featured occasionally, is so nostalgic--for one because it sounds like the type of virtual instrument some older (2001-2005) Sonic the Hedgehog games use. (I remember specifically Sonic Rush used it...it's a beautiful synth...)
I have never heard a mix of vocaloid's high pitch/robotic voice with a deeper human, specifically male, voice. I love this style. I love everything about this song. I have nothing bad to say about this song. It caught me completely off guard, and in a very, VERY good way. I loved it.
Fan-freaking-tastic job on this song!

PinkScissorsMedia responds:

I'm glad to see you still active on NG! Thanks a lot for the review.

That synth in the beginning got me. It's so nice, the way it flows throughout the song is great-- keep it that way! The chord progression at 0:54 is great, and the piano coming in at 1:08 works perfectly with the synth!
1:20, great transition!!
I love the direction this song. The beat is perfect. You explicitly say this is a WIP, so I won't say much else. I enjoyed this, this is great! Can't wait for the full version!

SiegWin responds:

Thanks for your input it's much appreciated! I'm hoping to have it done soon so keep an eye out. :D

I can understand the direction of this song-- but the structure needs some work. It did this weird tempo change that was a little uncomfortable for me at 0:45. I like that drum pattern though, it's really nice.
There's really no chord progression. The drums start glitching around 2:28 and I'm not sure if that was intentional but it was very off.
Overall I'd say that this needs some work, but with simple chord progression (even if it alternates from the same 2-3 chords, it'd be very nice.)
Also try some variation in the drum pattern. The same drum pattern from nearly start to finish with no chord progression and no set variation in song structure was a little boring.
It's a good start! I hope all of the criticism isn't super harsh. I like the feel of this song, it's just really big things that need attention that could make this really, really good.

Digiguy responds:

All fair criticisms. I did make this song a few years ago and only just now released it. Try out these songs instead. http://i.imgur.com/7Av4p4E.png?1

This song is going in a fair direction. However it doesn't have much chord progression, nor does it have much variation until near the end of the song. Try using more chords in a set key. Are these samples put together or did you make some of these melodies/patterns?

This song is solid. I can see a bassline going nicely in the chorus parts. Maybe an acoustic or semi-electric sounding bass with a smooth glide in between notes. The vocals, in terms of note placement and stuff, are nice. Good work with that.
While the hook was nice, and the instruments and chords were nice, I was a little bored. Not in a super bad way, but it's like I was expecting a little variation in the instrument patterns but it just wasn't there.
But that's just me. And for how the song direction was aimed at, I enjoyed it for the most part.

The strings and piano worked out nicely. The little beat at 1:34 was nice, and that synth that comes in 1:43 was great!! The drum pattern was nice, did you make it or was it a pre-made loop/sample?

Overall, for the direction of the song, I liked the song. It had nice aspects that I was able to appreciate. Nice work!

spot1techno responds:

Thank you for your comment! I appreciate all of the thought that went into your feedback. :)

Uh ohhh! Looks like you're using Sytrus toooo! I like that bass!

A quick catchy saw lead would work beautifully in this song, just to keep it from sounding really redundant. (Granted, a lot of acid techno sounds redundant, but you can be the one to spruce it up! Change the game!) Oooooh, or maybe, you can have a little piano melody going. Iunno I'm just spewing random things.

You have a nice fade out going with that bass synth too btw.

Anyways, this is pretty good. I don't particularly listen to acid techno like that, so I don't want to be unfair when critiquing and say stuff I shouldn't be saying because that's just the way it's supposed to be. Is this going to be a full song soon?

bdog705 responds:

i use sytrus for well... pretty much everything, its the best synth i know how to use
it actually was a saw wave it's just that in filter one i had a Low Pass 3 (LP 3) with no res. Env. at 50%,
cutoff automated to go from 0 to 100 once in a while
same thing with the drive knob from the LP 3 it was automated to go from 0 to 100
the bass was literally my 303 patch but a sine wave in OSC 1 and it was tuned to 0.7000 and cutoff at 0, same thing with res. drive and env knobs

well this song is just me practicing a few different things, teaching myself about what different things on a synth do and chord progression and mixing and what not
sadly this is just a demo like the first and second with no really a chance of getting finished
however i might be having the sounds i made here in a different song, you said piano and a saw lead and i actually got a few ideas now lol thanks
well im going to go make more weird and odd stuff like this with sytrus and hopefully turn it into a song
thanks for the review and ideas synthgoddess ^ _ ^

Pleeeeease do not listen to the guy who said that the strings were too "cheap". He isn't necessarily wrong, but while they do sound very plastic I think that they fit very well for this type of song. If this is modeled after the trance style of the early 2000s, then you certainly have the right strings. If you want to add that airy, warm style to them though, I suggest adding a little bit of reverb. Use a light setting on them to add an airy, spacy effect that doesn't clash with the songs vibe, and see how you like it. A little reverb or delay here and there on some instruments can change the whole game! It would work very nicely.

After hearing your most recent song, I had to come check out some of your other songs. I am very impressed with the work that you do. You have some great potential in some areas and just pure talent in others. I'm so glad I found you on here! You seem to be just like me in the fact that you just post demo after demo, and even if it isn't a demo, you still say it's not fully finished. On my page, I have demo after demo...it's saddening to me that I can't finish anything. XD Anyways, nice work on this one. I'm glad I favorited you so that if you finish it, I can hear it!

Dj-Gonzo responds:

You're definitely making my day SynthGoddess, those words are really helpful for me, you don't know how much they mean for me. I will work hard on these things, for sure! I've been working as a producer since 2010 when I was 14 because I am a percussionist, but I needed to go a step further on making music. (If you listen my first song here you'll see a HUGE change from then and now) Glad to find someone here who cares to check out others' work and put a smile on my face.

P.S I will check out your work too, you deserve it :)

WOW. Before I suggest a name...The beginning of this reminded me of some space music from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, it really had me going. The tempo speed change was nice and the reverb and delay on that lead synth was PERFECT. That smooth bass that fades in is so insane. I actually first listened to this using just my computer speakers, then I switched to my room speakers, and I was able to hear that bass. That bass is amazing. Wow. I can't wait to hear the full version.

Anyways, the beginning of this song makes me think of a sort of ice-themed video game level lit by the moon in the depths of the night, or maybe a level set on an alternate frozen moon. Therefore, my song name for this would be:

Moonlit Albedo

(Ice has a high albedo, which is light reflected back into space...)

Dj-Gonzo responds:

Well, you're impressed by the song, but I am completely amazed about your analysis!
You comment all the details envolving this early version of the final theme, and you also give that space feeling I had myself when I was composing the song. The idea of playing some kind of game in an alternate frozen moon as you say is perfect. Thank you so much, definitely your idea is the perfect for this project, thanks for the follow too! Greetings from Spain!

P.S: I also played that Paper Mario :3

I like this. The synths are amazing and the way they dance around left and right is great! One thing for me is that maybe this would do better either using a different drum kit, or maybe without drums altogether. If you want, experiment with a more electronic-type drum kit OR go without drums. I think the way the song is, it would be EPIC without drums...but that's just my opinion. I love this though, it's 4/5 for me ONLY because of those drums. Keep it up!

masl123 responds:

Thats the way I like Comments. xD Somehow I thought it would sound better with Drums. I will try to leave them away.

EDIT: I Changed the Drums. Without Drums it was a bit to less. Try to Download it from here, if you can't hear the new Drums. (or Delete the cache in your Browser)

Why am i just now listening to this? This is probably my favorite beat that you've made as of late. Jeez, you're pretty damn talented. I love everything in this song. Especially that saw lead synth. Its the most perfect thing i've...wow. As soon as i get on my computer i'm downloading the hell out of this song.

Math368 responds:

Lol, thank you SynthGoddess

I make music so I can listen to it. Sharing it isn't all that bad, either. :P

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