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This reminds me of a carnival level from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year door for gamecube. I love it, probably because it brings back a few memories. :)

Well damn. You sure did get creative with the name, didn't you? Heh, this, I have to admit, is sick. The drop at 0:53, I was done. I agree that the mastering could be touched up a little bit. The piano chords could use a little touch up too-- so they aren't as harsh. Maybe a medium reverb effect? (It wouldn't be a super reverb-y...but just enough so I doesn't sound so raw). The variation in this song keeps me interested the entire time-- it's not repetitive at all. Overall, I loved it! I was sad when it ended... >.>

Demonicity responds:

well im not good at the creativity of names so i decided to take that from the voice glitching :D

At first I was like: Why is the beat so weak? I love the chord synth but...that beat...
Then around 0:15 the true origin of the beat came in and It made my eardrums so happy...I love everything about this song. The bass, the vocals coming in after about 1:00, the synths, the gates, the speed, everything was so fluid and well-placed. The square synths were very nice touches. I just want to know where you got those vocals from...they are so good and the effects put on them are simply trance-inducing. I really don't have anything bad to say about this song. By the name "squares n' stuff" I was thinking: Oh, man..this is just another song made by some kid just learning how to use a synthesizer.
...but man, was I blown away. Fantastic track.

kasola responds:

Sorry I fooled you with the track name!

I updated the description to show where the vocals came from. As for processing, it's mostly chorus, ping-pong delay and reverb!

At 0:21, that's all it took. I loved the hook and the synth choices. I'm sure the beat could be a little stronger. However, that still doesn't take away the fact that this is a fantastic song. I fell in love with it. Wonderful!

This sounds like a song that would appear on some game on my SNES, especially at 0:31. It was fun to listen to-- very fun. The beat was so unique and was at just the right volume. I loved this mash-up. Very, very nice. Wonderful work here.

Metroidrayquaza51 responds:

^^ thanks! I wanted to follow a retro-feel to the tune so I did the best I could.

Yes! This is getting me moving, honestly. The synth choice from the chords is literally out of this world, I'm enjoying it a lot, and at 1:49 I got a bit of chills! The strings, that was a wonderful add! The gating synth, everything flowed so nicely. I say this a lot,, but I really think a piano track somewhere in here work so nicely. Even if it was in the background, the piano would work wonderfully. I was in a daze with this song, I liked it a lot and in fact, I'm gonna download it now. You take the classic house genre and classic characteristics and make them extremely unique and I like that a lot. Fantastic work here, I look forward to more!

RasmusiBoy responds:

Thanks for your kind words and suggestion!! :)

It got my attention right from the start. Literally. It's very catchy, especially at 0:23. Nice loop! Strong beat, strong bass...I can tell you have some major experience doing this.

PhatBoiJ responds:

Ty :)

When that bass came in at 0:18, I was like-- yes! Its so deep and lush. Until 1:13 the song kinda lagged on for me: But after that the song is damn good! Especially for a side program like Groove. I like the beat it was quite unique. The rest of the song moved fairly smoothly. Yo, I liked this a lot. Wonderful job!

G-U-A-R-D-I-O-N responds:

Hell yeah! Thanks for the advice too!

This was a sick beat-- and the sampling just plain out made me smile. I liked this very much.

Okay, I'm kinda feeling this. Its an interesting mood. Can't wait to see what the final is like.

I make music so I can listen to it. Sharing it isn't all that bad, either. :P

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