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The bass at the beginning was so powerful on its own. I think because of that the next synth that comes in could benefit from being a bit louder-- as I had a hard time picking it up until about 2 second after it came in. The beat could also be a little bit louder. The bass kinda overpowers a lot here so it was important for the other instruments to at least somewhat counteract it. Overall though, this was a nice track. Nice work, here!

PhatBoiJ responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I agree.

Starting at 0:16 I got interested in this song. I love the piano...a lot of my songs use the piano frequently so any song that features the piano nicely is going to be great to me. (unless the piano's part is.....just plain bad...) Anyways, transitions could be a bit smoother, but they're still nice. I love the way that distorted bass and the piano mash up...it's something I've never heard before. A bass drop somewhere....I could see it happening. The ending was a bit abrupt...maybe a soft fading piano (without the beat, but on its on) would've worked nicely there. But MAN, I loved this song.

Yes, yes, yes! This is great! The bass could be a little stronger/louder but The stereo effects with that synth is so crisp. This is a great remix of this song, but I was sad that it ended so soon.

Is this going to be the beginning? I love it! this would get me completely hooked to the song....in fact, I was kinda upset that this WIP was so short. Why do you taunt me so......
....ANYWAYS, you better post the completed version because I'll be waiting for it. I love the bass and the synths used. So crisp, so clear!

DjxYEAHxLEMONS responds:

yeah well ill work on something similar because the fact of the matter is this song wont be published for a while probably not till next year lol. anyways the bass and everything in this snipit is from fl studios.......demo because i dont have access to my own personal computer so i wont be able to release anything until next year. the bass and the synths were made from sytrus. the bass was default and i did some modifying to oper 1 and 2 and the synths were a platinum saw. if you want to make a song useing those ideas you are welcome.

I don't care what anyone says. I think the distortion makes the song damn sick! I love the effects and the chord progression is pretty spot on. I think the beat could be a little stronger/louder and the ending was a bit abrupt. But all and all, this was great I liked it a lot! Keep it up

Byonex responds:

Thank you! I re-uploaded it with the sub and kick levels dropped, which I prefer myself. It's up to all you guys which one you prefer. I've never really made heavy dubstep before so this was just a starting point, I think I may make a few

At 0:06 I fell in love with the track. The lyrics are alright but what i'm really in love with is the beat. Lovely.

Kieran123 responds:


Don't care if these are pre-loaded or not. This is pretty damn tight. You'd be surprised how many people unsuccessfully make some songs using pre-made samples. They're mixed really bad and they don't go well together. You, on the other hand: I like it.

Matches responds:

Thanks I appreciate that, I'll probably be making a few more with these, I have quite a few and I love driving around to this with my subs lol. Just seemed too easy to me, but I guess there's a bit more than just pasting them into the song wherever. My next original one is going to be pretty rad now that I'm getting that style down a bit better, stay posted and thanks again!

Nice! The hi-hats in the beginning could be a bit stronger, though. But i'm loving the lead synth you used. At 1:05 that's where I start to really like this song. Nice use of stereo around 1:33. Overall, I think this song could use a few more things to make it truly unique. Its pretty good though, nice job here.

LegatusRj responds:

Haha! Thanks for your input, It's much appreciated!

Well damn, for a WIP I think this is pretty awesome. The beat has me moving in my chair lol. I love the soft piano in the background a lot. Maybe some note variation (with the same note placement) with the piano when it loops until around 2:40 would add some extra flavor. The beat is catchy, the lead synth choice is great. I can not WAIT until the finished product. I think adding a catchy melody for the chorus parts would work, definitely. I can think of a few song names, but i'm sure you can come up with some by yourself, huh? Lol overall nice work so far.

Phoxxy232 responds:

In terms of the piano that's partly why this is a WiP still I want to add more variation to alot of the aspects of this song, but right now is basically a rough draft that I wanted to share. As for song names, I'm open to suggestions.

Lovely! I love the chord progression and your synth choices are spot on. Everything flows together nicely. One thing, I think the wub synth that goes in and up until the drop is a bit loud. Just in my opinion. Might just be the speakers i'm using, but overall, i'm pretty hyped with this song. Nice, nice, nice!

OverdoseOfficial responds:

I'm glad to hear it flows nicely and that you enjoy the melody. I agree the wub that enters on and off is a little bit too loud in comparison to the synth. I could have turned it slightly down.
Thank you for the review :)

I make music so I can listen to it. Sharing it isn't all that bad, either. :P

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