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This is good, i'm liking this. It's a nice loop. You throw in some effects here that I'm really liking. I could listen to this loop over and over again before getting tired of it. It's pretty chill in my opinion. Try mixing up the beat a little in the middle and see how that works out, I think it could benefit from that. Some glide in the bass in between notes would work nicely as well. Overall, I think this is a nice one.

Rekuiem responds:

Yea its nice, and that's my problem with it.... that chill quick step is something I get stuck in and instead of mixing it up in the middle I just bring it all around for a quick attempt to make some progress.... glad you caught me. Not my favorite but not something I'm not proud of making.

This was nice, very nice. The Electronic piano was a little loud in the beginning, I could hear some feedback that i'm not sure was intended. I love the synth choices in this, it's very easy to listen to. The piano at 2:16 was beautiful, transitions are nice. Wonderful work, here!

Nice!! I'm definitely feeling this track. The beat and the bass are my favorite part of the song. It's great. Wonderful, wonderful job. I can tell this one took some time.

Ditto. This song is making WONDERFUL progress. The timing definitely needs some touching up. But I love the feel of it, its great! I can't wait to hear the final product.

Well this certainly is powerful! I love the bridge leading up to 1:09. The synth choices are really nice ones, as they all flow together nicely. I can tell you had fun with this one (and that it took a lot of effort). This is a nice track, I enjoyed it a lot.

SilentShadow97 responds:

Very helpful review, thanks man. Its always nice to hear good feedback.

I love the glide/transition between notes used in that lead synth. The mastering is nice as well, and also I think that the synth at the beginning could be quieter. I think of strobe lights in an arcade when I listen to this, especially at 2:40. Overall, nice work!!

I'm feeling this song! nice work! I think the solo piano at 1:09 could benefit from a little reverb effect. Not a long reverb, but a medium, soft one. I think it would make that part beautiful. At 1:25 I think the bass can be louder, but it's soft and it still works nicely with everything. Really nice work.

FI5H responds:

Thanks a ton, I know what you mean about the bass I tried to raise it while I was working on it but it's sub bass and any louder than it is makes it a little awful and drowns out a lot of other stuff

Dude, really? I can tell you worked hard on this! It's soft and brilliant, i'm really loving it. I think that squealing UFO noise FX can be left out after about 1:14. I really like the beat, at first it took some time to adjust to it, but the more I listened, the more I loved it. After 2:25, this song is freakin gorgeous. Some chord variation here and there wouldn't hurt, also. The breaks are just right, too. Overall nice job, I'm really enjoying this.

danyool777 responds:

There needs to be more people like you reviewing on the audio portal lol.
You were right about the Squeal I used haha, I took it out and it sounds better.
Im not very good at chord variation though, it isnt my strong suit.
Thanks for reviewing, it really helps me progress.

This song is so catchy! The note transitions give me chills.. You're a wonderful chiptune artist. I look forward to more from you.

This is pretty sick! I love the bassline, I think it would benefit from a stronger/louder beat. But i'm really in love with your remix. Amazing job!

xyulie responds:

Thanks. i have no training in music production whatsoever. So, if i could, I would. And if you know how, please tell me because i only wanna get better at this

I make music so I can listen to it. Sharing it isn't all that bad, either. :P

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