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Had me going with the beginning synth sequence. I love it~! All of your synthesizer choices were very nice, the chord progression is spot-on. All in all i like this one, good work~! ^^

That's my name too...lovely song I can't wait for the finished product.

yes!! I've fallen off the face of the earth listening to and making music...so i'm just now checking out your new stuff...ahh! This is a great track, i love it!!

NeoAlchemist247 responds:

Thanks, SG. :3 I worked really hard on it. Hopefully I keep improving. Can't wait to hear some new tunes from you!


Ah yes!! i'm so happy! when i saw the title i was like...."wait....this is..."

DKC!! such a wonderful song!!! i love the way you remixed it....

after :35 = YES.

Demonicity responds:

thank you! :3 have a good day sir! :3

What in the hell!? This was made 3 months ago and yet-- HOW DOES THIS NOT HAVE MORE PLAYS!? This is outrageous, people liking the wrong shit. Anyway, I'm loving this, I kinda have it on a loop right now, listening for the 3rd time. I wasn't expecting it to have a drop. This is so creative, my favorite part is when it dies does at first before building back up at 1:43. This was a mixture of dance, chipstep, dubstep, rave, I love it. Great, great work.

PinkScissorsMedia responds:

Thanks a bunch for the words, Ms. Synth!

Nothing at all bad to say about this song. I really enjoyed it. It had a consistent, catchy beat and amazing choice of synths to go with it. Dynamics, yeah I think you were right about that-- but it doesn't take a whole bunch of fancy dynamics to make a great track. If the consistent patterns are catchy and addictive enough, they will fare just fine. Such is the case with yours. I love the gated pads and whatnot. If you are considering doing more with this, I really can't wait to hear it. Nice work!

lantaren responds:

Haha, thanks. Also, Sidechained Pad, not gated :P same effect, pretty much, though. And yeah, trying to figure out what else to add to this.. haha, needs more complex stuff.. haha

Uh, yes! This is very uplifting, I am really jamming to this, so you know. I love it! The piano-sounding synth comes in at 2:46 and i'm just loving it. I don't know why this track would be FANTASTIC in a Trauma Center video game.....(trauma center is a very good video game series). I would give you a 1000/5. But ya know...they only give 5. I really have nothing bad to say about this.

djahmusic responds:

Thank you =)

YOUR FIRST DnB!? huh? You're lying to me. I'm, first of all, in love with the synth you choose for the beginning. It was a straight hook. :41-:50, i think you should try another bassline synth. The one you used seems a bit distorted and the notes can't be made out too well. BUT, 1:35 onward, man...I really, really, really, really, REALLY liked it. I love the beat, and how at 2:17 the song fades, but it doesn't just fade-- it like, seems like its going underwater. I LOVE that.

For your first Drum N' Bass song, i can seriously tell that you have some potential in doing this genre. I would definitely suggest that you consider doing more in the future... wow.

I'm feeling that beat, no joke. I really, really, like this loop. I can see this on a space-atmosphere type level on a video game. I'm really liking this, a lot. I think that it can be tweaked a little in the end to make sure that it's looping smoothly, i can kinda tell when it's looping. Although, if that's done on purpose, nevermind what i said, but if not, try and see if you can touch that up. I love the effects and the reverb you used in this song. Mastering is spot-on and if i really close my eyes, i can imagine a video-game level in space...it's trippy. :55 and on really solidifies that theme. Nice job!

bdog705 responds:

wow thanks that means a lot im also considering making this longer and a bit more dynamic with more ambient sounds but over all glad you like it =D

I make music so I can listen to it. Sharing it isn't all that bad, either. :P

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