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Okay, so you have some really good stuff going here. In song structure, especially in a song like this, you need to have a sense of how the song is going to "build up". So the beginning that you have is nice. It's very good for the intro. Think about it this way:
1. Intro
2. 1st verse
3. bridge(which is kind of a transition to the chorus)
4. Chorus- This is where the song should be the strongest. This is where you have the catchy melodies.
5. bridge (which is toning down the chorus to transition to the 2nd verse)-
6. verse 2
7. bridge and so and so forth.

My explanation most likely sucks, and song structure really depends on the type of song. But it all follow a pattern really. Good luck!

exnfox responds:

thanks for you input man ! id look forward yo hearing more your reviews on my stuff! anyways this peice is actually just a little out thing i made for a really old beat i made you can hear full thing here:

What the fuck is up with all this awesome chiptune stuff people are posting? Granted I've just listened to some not-too-great ones, but this is great! It's so simple, but pretty damn intricate. Great work on this.

Oooh wow. This is so nice and simple. with a beautiful progression and I love the simple, yet driven beat that comes in at 0:36. I can definitely see this on a start screen/menu.

8-bitheroes responds:

Thank you for your feedback :)

For the way that you did this song, this was VERY well put together. I love that synth in the beginning, and it loops beautifully. I think it was a very creative version...sooo nice! Wonderful work, here!

This song has a beautiful, synthy-melodic beginning that had me hooked the entire time. The vibrato on the lead synth up to about 0:38 was so perfect. This is so very VERY good! I hope to one day be able to manipulate synths to make them sound so crisp and clear like this. Everything fit so well together, it's really hard to criticize anything here. Extremely nice work! You got a favorite from me!

DJStriden responds:

Thank you for the feedback :) I'm glad you like it!

Yes! When that beat came in around 0:20 I was like yessss! I love the synth, and the use of the vocals and the effects there. The gate on the pad is perfect. That little effect at 2:55 was great too. I really can't see anything that I'd suggest to work on here except how there isn't too much chord progression. I think it goes through through the same 3 chord the entire time...normally I'd say that should be worked on-- but such a repetitive chord structure was actually very enjoyable. This entire song had me kinda moving a little. This was very, very, very good.

Scimit responds:

thanks! : >

I just recently found your music because you did a collab with an artist who I talk to sometimes. I really love your music-- and you actually inspired me to download and try out my first 808. (Speaking of which, if you could check it out and give me some pointers, I would be so grateful. It's called No Longer One, and it's my first hip-hop type song.) So I wanna say thank you for that. I love how chill your music can be, and how relaxed of a tone most of it has. You're really a nice producer, I can't wait for your next upload~

Have a good one,


Math368 responds:

Much thanks on the review. Im going to check out your composition and will let you know what I think. Thank you once again for the review, much appreciated.

Come 0:24 i'm loving it. The drop is awesome, the bass synth is awesome. 5/5 from me, keep it up~

Demonicity responds:

thank you <3 ^_^

Wow! I love the piano you use. What's the name of the VSTi you use for the piano? You really did a good job, i like the original of this song too so I really enjoyed this. Everything mixes together so nicely~ good work!


Schematist responds:

Thanks a lot SynthGoddess! I used "The Giant"for the piano here. :)

wow. most rap on newgrounds is so shitty i dont know what to do with it. When Osidi started i was like, hell yes. XD LOVE the beat, though i'd expect nothing less.

PinkScissorsMedia responds:

Thank you, Ms. Goddess! I appreciate the nice review. Groundbreakers will be a franchise of songs. It's gonna be even crazier in the future, I assure you. :3

I make music so I can listen to it. Sharing it isn't all that bad, either. :P

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