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Wow, I love the ambient feel of this! I think :56 is my favorite because I'm a sucker for piano sounding synths. I agree with others, as this could really be a song. I can't wait to hear the actual version. I think the bassline can be a SMIDGE louder. Only a smidge though, because it'll have that awesome effect, but if its too loud...then the whole song will be DUNDUNDUN and that would make us all sad... also I can see a nice piano melody somewhere in here.

Anyway, that's just my suggestion, ignore me if you don't think so. But whether you do or not-- i'm really in love with this song and eagerly await the finished product. Wow. Amazing...

aliaspharow responds:

I really appreciate the feedback dude! I made that bass louder for ya. PM me if you got any more advice or want to say anything about the new version. I'll message you and give you some sneak peaks when I'm done with it.

This song is begging for more bassline-- I can feel it! I love this track, so much. The beat is smooth and the mastering is beautiful. Its not redundant at all like a lot of dnb. I love it! nice work to dodge your other work. XD

AeroMusic responds:

cheers mate - maybe it needs more bass movement but I was trying to go for a minimaly feel so I opted just for a simple sub. Glad you thought the quality was good - I didn't really reckon it was

finished my other project thankfully was getting sick of it ha -ONTO MORE DNB

If you need a background singer, I'm your girl. PM me if you want. I'm really liking the beat. I'm afraid I'm not too much of a rapper, though.

SinZLazTWordZ responds:

That would be awesome. I would totally enjoy some background singing if you wouldn't mind.

I'll get ahold of you.
Thanks for the review!


That bass lead reeled me in quick. Then that discreet sequence lead playing in my left ear at 0:30 was so sweet. Then that mas growl came in and I was like :DDDD

I love this track, it flows so well and you now have a new fan. This is outrageously good, mastering is on point-- wonderful!

8-bitwonder responds:

Gosh... Such kind words! Thank you! :D

This is great! The strings that progressed throughout the song are an amazing touch, it helps me fall in love with the song. At 1:55, that was so unexpected! Nice beat change, transitions could be a teeny bit smoother, BUT it's still amazingly good. That synth at 3:09, AMAZING choice. I easily fall for songs that nicely execute synth progression and variation. You used all the right synths here. I only wish the beat was a little bit stronger. Amazing work here, I loved it!

TeraVex responds:

Thanks man! It means so much to hear that from you!

You had me going from the first note.

...and that's all I have to say about this.

AdamCorporation responds:

Thanks!! :3

It's fairly repetitive, not much variation whatsoever-- but it's looping so I guess it's a loop? I like the beat either way though. It's really chill and I think this could become a fantastic song if there was some variation and some lyrics and whatnot. Overall though, I was moving to this a little bit. nice!

Rilo15 responds:

I actually did record a song to it. I don't like the way my producer made it sound, though so I'm having him redo it. Once it's done, I'll definitely put it on here. Thanks!

Honestly, 1:24 was when I started liking this song. I like it when pianos mix in nicely with the music. You incorporated it well. You are right, it is repetitive, but, it's not bad! I feel like I can see this song as like some ending credits song lol.

Shanemsvlog responds:

Thanks lol!

The voice mixing with the music is a bit weird, actually. I love it all, really. The lyrics are awesome, and the song-- damn. My only problem is the mixing with the voice and song. It sounds like the voice is stuck in a box...I don't know what it is. huh... Sorry I'm so late reviewing this.

NeoAlchemist247 responds:

It's all good. Yeah, I can agree that something is off about the EQ on this track. Sometimes I have a hard time getting my vocals to sounds natural- and sometimes it happens because I subconsciously turn down my vocals because I don't like the way my voice sounds. But this one is more or less because of the Josephine quality. Check out inquest 2- I made it with a better microphone.

The pad in the beginning: So smooth, so flawless. The gate was effective as well. I loved the beat starting at 1:09, I just wish it was a smidge stronger. But it wasn't so weak that it made the entire song unlistenable. I think a piano track somewhere in here would've worked out nicely, too. But then again, I think the piano would work well in a lot of songs. But this one in particular would do nicely with a soft piano track in the background. The song itself is so upbeat, it had me moving! I can tell some serious work went into this one. Nice, nice, nice work!

deadbea7 responds:

thanks! positive reviews are awesome to see. i actually wrote out a keyboard part, but i was reluctant to use it. it just made it seemed "crowded" to me. i may do a "remix" and mix it properly to get it to fit in the song. thanks for the awesome review!

I make music so I can listen to it. Sharing it isn't all that bad, either. :P

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