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Well damn. You just made me a happy girl lol. It's rare that I hear some good rapping on this site...but you're pretty spot on with this one. You have a unique and dazzling flow. You sound more of an intellectual rapper, and I LOVE that so much.

B-RadGfromOV responds:

Thanks for the kind words Goddess!

This song isn't as repetitive as you think. You may have used the same melody a lot in the song, but the accompanying instruments were constantly changing, so it didn't make the song that repetitive. You have lovely reverb and delay in various places, especially at the end. At 1:13, the song really took on a classic video game feel. You did very nice transitions at 1:13 and 2:08. This song is quite all over the place, but it's great because I can totally see this in a video game. I really like it!

jjoon responds:

WOW ReaLLY? tHANKS SynthGoddess!!!!!!!!111!!

The middle of the song was not high-pitched at all...
Listening with Bose headphones and everything sounded great. Panning and levels were nicely done. You're right, this is a simple track but everything went right with it! Good work, alias!

I'm in love with the pads in this song. So so very amazing. 1:24 is just breathtaking- I love how every single instrument has an important and beautiful role in this song. In the chorus, if the pad synth isn't a preset/sample, turn down the attack just a little bit because it sounded like it was milliseconds off from the beat in some places. Its not distracting or offputting at all, though. This is amazing, I shall now favorite this song >.>

sYrge responds:

I really appreciate your feedback! The chords aren't a preset, they're just some detuned saws with attack. The attack part it kind of my way of sidechaining the chords, so I'll work on fixing the attack envelope.
Thanks :)

You got me with how the piano was used in this song. Reverb and panning is so spot on. 1:33 was a lovely break to transition. This is so nice- I'm constantly reminded of why I followed you. Wonderful job. I really want to collab with you at some point.

This is pretty damn good. Instead of 16 measures for the beginning, I think you would fare with just having 8. I'm not gonna bother taking mastering into consideration, I'm sure it'll be fixed. 1:16, for the record, was so cool! I like the instrument choices for this, it's very 8-bit like, but not too much to where it would be considered straight chiptune. :)

Make sure you strengthen the bass and kick for the song when you master it-- I want my subwoofer going crazy!!

Nice job, overall! I think you should release it.

TeraVex responds:

Thank you! I've finished buffing up that kick. It is pretty hype now! Thanks for the review!

To be considered hip-hop, try putting the kick and snare at half-time. Once a beat gets too fast with a higher tempo, it can be hard to render it as hip-hop music. Music like this would be more dance/techno. Maybe you clicked the wrong genre when submitting the song?
All that aside, things in this song were nice. The panning was light, airy, and wonderfully coordinating with the instruments. Transitions into each part were extremely spot on.
1:29 onward is my favorite part of the song. I am a complete sucker for synths that blend well and melodies and chord progressions that sound beautiful. There was no instrument/synth choice that was inappropriate at all-- everything fit perfectly.

The only reason I gave a 4 for it is because, if your genre indication is what you meant to choose, it was totally off. This was a very nice song, but it just wasn't hip-hop or anything like that. It sounded more like a club dance song-- and a very beautiful one at that.

aliaspharow responds:

i agree that it sounds faster now but the tempo is still 110 bpm to be honest. thats why i set it in this genre but i agree that it does not fit... although i still am not sure where to put it. that being said im really glad you like! it seems you're still a sucker for my typical style which i am grateful for ;)

This is ridiculous. This is a major throwback to those 90s video game battles. This so pretty cool, I absolutely love the sound design and the main lead/square was executed so nicely.

DanJohansen responds:

Haha awesome that you liked it man, it was so fun to make, haven't made any tracks with these sounds until this one.

This has a good vibe to it, I really really like it. I don't rap much, I sing a tad bit and i feel like I could do a bit to this

HowardWimshurst responds:

cheers dude. If you do fancy recording over it, be sure to share it with me

At 1:00 i was in love with the song. I am a sucker for good lead synths and pads. You executed the melodies and pitch bending perfectly then. I like the structure of this song a lot. The rhythm is actually really good-- I just think it should be a lot stronger and louder. The loudness and strength of the drum patterns really make or break the song. Since you couldnt do much mastering though, I can see where it went wrong. I recommend coming back to this song once you are able to master it-- this could be a really nice song.

sYrge responds:

Thanks a ton :) I really appreciate you going out of your way to give me feedback. Just as with Sunlight, my computer is quite bad, so I might have to get a new computer first if I'm ever going back to this at all.
I had a lot of fun with the melody and the synths (considering I was using serum because serum is very fun) and I'm also getting the hang of basses too, which is a big step for me considering that was the main reason I got it.
But anyway, thanks so much for the feedback. It means a lot. :)

I make music so I can listen to it. Sharing it isn't all that bad, either. :P

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