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Is it even original anymore?

Posted by SynthGoddess - August 30th, 2017

Everyone makes music these days. While it's important to focus on your own craft, how can I even view anything I make as original or unique when everyone under the sun creates music as well? I wonder how many people making music these days actually love doing it...or if they're just doing it for the possibility of fame and recognition or whatever. 

Whatever the case may be, I think the only reason I make music anymore is to stay sane. 

I'm grateful for those who have been lurking and listening to my things since the beginning of it all...if you can tell, my style has done some morphing and changing. 

Comments (5)

Nothing is original unless YOU make it unique. Sure some people make music for fame, but trust me, a lot of people actually enjoy making music here on Newgrounds . Music is unique, no two tracks are the same and they will never be because everyone has their own style music :)

Everyone makes music, that's true, but why should that stop you from making music you like? I don't know about you, but I make the music I wish I heard more of. I wish trap wasn't this dark, gloomy genre that uses only minor chords and contain a total of 4 chords forever, so I make happy major chord trap with changing patterns and silly lyrics.

Personally, I enjoy your music tons, and I'd hate to see you leave because the medium is saturated. I hope you do you, and one thing will be certain: I'll be listening.

everyone is making something everyday, the people who do it for money are the ones who have a tougher time succeeding with their music, they lack the thing that makes a song and actual song, effort, a lot of people love doing it but some people want to take the easy route sometimes

just keep making new and original sounding tunes and it will grow to a more expansive audience

I had a phase where I was concerned about my originality or if someone actualy likes what I do. It's all bullshit, the main reason I do music is because I like making my own stuff, no matter who likes it.

Everyone makes music. That doesn't inherently mean good music. Unfortunately this is a tough time for music. Over saturation and an underappreciated audience. It makes standing out take more and more eccentricity, which most people look down upon. Add to that the mountain artists must climb to make any measurable money. If making music is an important part of your life, there's no reason to give up, so long as you remember, you are doing it for you. All this is one reason I don't personally make much in the way of "popular" musical genres/format. Why should I. There are a million other people making cheep popular music out there.