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On the brink of giving up~

Posted by SynthGoddess - March 19th, 2017

It's been 2 years since my last post. I keep wanting to quit making music but I realize that even though I'm not that great, it's the only thing I have that I enjoy. University is terrible, I'm alone for most of my time, my attitude overall is shit, and I just keep running back to my DAWs. Fuck. 

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Part of me wants to tell you not to give up but I've kinda given up EDM myself ://

And if you did give up making music, what would you do with your free time?

You like doing it, it probably helps you to relax, and it allows you to effectively express yourself despite your "shit" attitude (as you refer to it). If you feel alone, participate on the forums, or on the chat. Many of the assholes there are surprisingly supportive when they feel it's necessary. Helps stave off the loneliness, too.

Why stop making music anyhow? I wish I could confidently purchase a DAW and get into music. In all likelihood, work would leave me too exhausted to want to learn something new like that, and I'd just go right back to video games and my lackluster blog, because I still enjoy those while horribly fatigued.

I don't like to provide vague advice, but I don't know enough to be of more help, so I apologize if my words come across as shallow and insufficient.

Don't quit gurl!

Keep dropping dem sick beatz! Ba Dum tss! :)

Good luck!

Often the easiest way to get back into music I personally found is to find a newer, less popular person and try to emulate their style. Inspiration comes from all places. Hell, check me out, I need to get scouted here anyway

If you enjoy making music, then keep doing it :) If it makes you happy, I don't see the reason it quitting; just do what makes you feel right.

Good grief I posted this thinking no one would even see it. Gosh am I embarrassed... >.<

You all are so nice~ I guess discouragement is part of the creative process. Thank you all for helping me feel better :3

I hear you. Haven't been able to make anything in ages because of my controller.

Isolation in University is it's own monster and i'm sorry you're going through it.
It sounds cliche, but trying to reach out and joining an activity club was how I dealt with it and
I ended up making friends that are still with my crazy ass to this day.

You should never give up music. It's your go-to for a reason and it's healthy so why not?

Also, this needs to be said.

Focus on exploring the things that make you happy both within and outside of music, and the things that make you "good" (style, feel, energy, flow, etc) will come naturally. We can't help but be ourselves and all you have to do is water the plant in your soul with positivity if you want it grow into something you can be proud of.

Whether in a DAW or in your mind, always be creating.
If you ever need to reach out to someone that knows dat university struggle give me a shout. I'm on the NG discord as well if you need to reach me easier.

Peace and love to you synthy. I still love/sample the vocal cuts you gave me years ago

If it makes you happy why quit? Don't discourage yourself. People enjoy what you make and though you may believe you "aren't that great," doesn't mean that other's feel the same. Though I am a bird I think your music is dope!