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Um, hi.

Posted by SynthGoddess - July 31st, 2015

So it's the last day of July. My summer job has come to an end, thus freeing 3 weeks before I have to go back to college. I can't wait! My songs are improving, and with that...have come a lot of requests to use my songs for YouTube videos. 

This is mainly what I'm posting about. 

First, I would like to take the time to thank everyone who comes to me first before using my songs. I'm a nobody in music production, so if you ask to use my music, there is a .0000001% chance that I will say no. However, I was just scowering the interconnected webs one day, and I came across a youtube video that had one of my songs in it. I looked for more videos, and almost 30 videos I came across used my song. I wasn't aware of any of them. There are only 3 or 4 youtube videos that I have been notified about using my songs. Also, the only way I could find out my song was being used is because they credited me in the description box, otherwise it wouldn't have appeared in my search. I have a feeling that I wasn't credited in a few other videos.

Naturally, I'm elated that someone liked my song enough to put it in their video, but the only problem is that I didn't know about it. Before newgrounds came up with the modified license options, I couldn't choose to say that I wanted all use of my songs to be run through me. All it takes is a PM. I'm pretty good about initially responding. With my older songs, it technically doesn't violate anything...but it's just common courtesy, really. If you want to use someone's work for anything, it's always good to ask. If you don't have to ask, shoot them a PM. Saying "Hey, I'm going to be using your work in my free game/video/podcast/whatever." is better than nothing. That way, the artist can keep track of when and where their work is being used.

That also brings me to this: Be sure to read the license conditions when looking at someone's song. I had my song used in some weird game without my permission, even though the conditions on the page clearly state to contact me for ANY use of the song. That's just not courtesy to contact someone with those conditions, it's policy. Therefore, just be mindful. 

That's all for now, I just really had to get that out there. 

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Nicely said my dear. :)

- V