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Damn near 200 songs.

Posted by SynthGoddess - 1 month ago

I can't keep up with all of my "songs" anymore. It's getting to that point, it seems like. I have over 200 songs just floating in my disk space...none of them seem to be of any value. Being a "producer" as a hobby is really taxing. If you don't have the best confidence, it can literally ruin you and tear you apart bit by bit, day by day, as you sit staring at a screen and playing away at keys. It's like, nothing I make is "good enough", but I can't do anything but keep making music...because it's the music making that's saved my life multiple times. I owe it everything...but it doesn't owe me shit. What shall I do? What shall I do? It would be a dream come true to get out of this...

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Welcome to the party. Music sounds all the same nowadays, and it's hard to find a unique sound that motivates you to progress your fidelity in music. I've deleted all of my music and projects I've worked a month ago. I just got fed up with just sitting on nothing hoping I could turn it into something. I only had one track on my drive that was finished but I just don't want to upload a few songs and vanish for another season.

What I'd do to experiment, firstly, don't delete any of your tracks, that's stupid, you'll regret it. Secondly; with a clear mind, experiment and listen to music backwards sometimes. I've found a great motivating push in doing so. Third, I found I sometimes make too many unfinished tracks, so I started to reform and combine them to complete a "decent" track. And last, do you. Step away from the music and rebuild your ground. Listening to only rap for a month has kinda closed my writers block and I've finished three songs. NowI'm listening to some EDM to capture a grand concept of scene to translate it into a story for all to listen. We are here to listen to anything you upload.

Oh and sorry, my music is gone, terrible mistake...
There will be more. Soon.

Ohhhh i miss you so much. Also im sad cause you deleted my favorite songs including frozen synthetic goddess